Tuesday, June 21, 2022

no more Swarovski crystals on top

 dear friends and Sanga,

the Covid-19 has done much damage to businesses all over the world in the past years since its arrival on our planet. one of those businesses that got hit badly was the Swarovski company. they closed down some lines and factories and that resulted in many people being fired from their jobs... and for us it meant that we no longer can order these crystals we use to put on top of our classic design prayer wheels....

we had some left from our previous order from them, but that supply is running out...

also, we got advice from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche not to use them anymore since practitioners sometime drop their prayer wheel, having the crystal brake and then not use their prayer wheel anymore and that is not good... 

so, for both those reasons (mainly Rinpoche's advice) we will no longer offer these crystals on top of our classic design wheels and only offer it as a counterbalance for those who want it :-)

with crystal on top


i think this is good because when we first started to craft prayer wheels, we got a look at Rinpoche's wheel at the time and it had a crystal on top and that made us make such prayer wheels... Rinpoche gave his prayer wheel (that specific one) to Sogyal Rinpoche and changed his to a one with no crystal on top, but we already started to craft this design with the crystal on top and customers all over the world wanted them on their prayer wheels...

no crystal on top


now, this era is coming to an end after thousands of prayer wheels have been made, so if you have one of them, you are lucky and fortunate (in more than one way!) 

enjoy your prayer wheels and keep spinning them for the benefit of all beings!

may all be free of suffering and the causes of suffering, and may all have happiness and the causes for happiness!

love y'all

Micha & Ayelet

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