Saturday, July 4, 2015

Revolution series

Hi there world, 
it has been a long long time since i wrote something here on this blog, but i decided that it is time to renew. 
i wanted to tell you all out there that i had finely been able to craft a special prayer wheel that i had in my mind's eye for many years but did not have the right skills and tools to make it. now that i finely have all that i need i managed to get it out to the realm of humans. what makes this prayer wheel special is that only the drum is rotating. the caps, both top and bottom are stationary. 
this is a radical new design and i called it "version 2.0". the reason being that when we started to craft prayer wheels back in 2009, we went through a series of prayer wheel designs. the first one was a prototype, the second was 1.0, the third one was 1.1 and so on. there where some 6 or 7 different designs of prayer wheels until finely i came to a prayer wheel design i liked and since then, all of our prayer wheels are made in the same design (as far as the wood-turning is considered, the art work of Ayelet is different on each one depending on the customer's request).
now, after all these years and some 950 + prayer wheels made, i have a new design and i am super exited! think about it, for thousands of years prayer wheels are made in the same way / design, and now, something new! 
the first one.i made is made from two different hardwoods, the handle and bottom cap + top cap are made from Cherry and the spinning drum is made from Walnut. 
after this prototype was made, and i showed it to a few people, and of course on the Facebook page and got amazing response, i made 4 more. a 7-line prayer one, a Green Tara one and two Mani's.
they are so awesome!
here are the 7-line one and the Green Tara. the Green Tara is made from Walnut hardwood.
many prayer wheels to come!
thank you so much for your time :)