Monday, December 27, 2010

long time

after a long break due to crazy samsara. we have returned to make prayer wheels... we hope that our customers are patient...

Friday, November 19, 2010


when we make a prayer wheel, we take a piece of wood that is cut to the right length so all four parts of the wheel can be made out of it. i always make the wood a bit longer so that if i make a mistake then there is enough wood to make a spare part. but, if i did my job correctly, then from the extra piece of wood that i have i make a wood box, and my most talented wife makes it beautiful with her amazing art work... i am adding the boxes album here for you to see what it's all about.

photos taken kindly by the very talented Mr. RiemerK :-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer Wheel"

this is the first of it's kind! we never made one before and it was a real project! the woman who ordered it wanted something special to give her husband for his birthday and she saw our work on Facebook... and 1+1=2...
she wanted a special design for the handle, as you can see in the photo... came out stunning!
the stone is to her request as well...
we now have another order for a Medicine Buddha "prayer wheel" with crazy specifications... will upload photos when it will be done.

"7-Line Prayer Wheel"

this is a special order for a "clean" 7-line "prayer wheel" that is going to a serious practitioner in India. it was made to the very clear specifications: " i want nothing on it" so clear.... so here it is for your viewing pleasure! enjoy!

making "prayer wheels"... thoughts..

well, since i think i am most likely the only one who reads this blog, i will take some time here to talk to my self....
i like making "prayer wheels", and especially "handheld prayer wheels"... it's a great sense of accomplishment to make these "prayer wheels", and when i think of all the things we went through to be here, at this point in time, it's mind bending.... simply amazing...
when we (me & Ayelet) started this project almost two years ago, we had no idea that it will get to the point it's at right now... we spend SO many hours making "Tibetan prayer wheels" it's simply amazing... and there is so much more we can do.
we have made a "prayer wheel" for "H.H. the Dalai Lama" and he should get it in the next few weeks... this is simply unbelievable! we never thought we will make it here...

i would like to thank ALL the people that support us around the globe, without you non of this would be possible... THANK YOU!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

100 Million Mani Mantra Prayer Wheel

this is a "dark" finish, long handle prayer wheel we recently made.


50 Million Mani Mantra Prayer Wheel

this is a "natural" finish to a Maple wood prayer wheel that was made for my mother :-) she wanted one for so long, and only now we were able to make one for her... she is SO happy!

Monday, August 23, 2010


here it is!
this prayer wheel is a gift to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche from the Israeli Sangha...
what a great gift!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


7-line prayer wheel
This is the first 7-line prayer wheel to be made! It was custom made to request by a very special man. He asked for specific specifications to be made on it, and he is very happy with the results! and so are we! It's an amazing prayer wheel... The first one to be made, hopefully not the last...


Sunday, August 15, 2010


this is a prayer wheel that we made as a gift from the Israeli sanga to H.E Garchen Rinpoche.

as he was our inspiration to make prayer wheels in the first place, this is a kind of a closing of a circle for us.

as always, it's a beauty!



here it is! the prayer wheel we made to donate to H.H. the Dalai Lama.
came out amazing...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010




a long time ago, we thought that we should try and make a small wooden prayer wheel like the ones made from silver that are on the market, but we never got around to it...

some time ago, we were asked by a good friend to try and make them, if it where possible because he has never seen one on the market and wondered if there was a reason why...

that rekindled a long forgotten fire!

we gave it a shot and it came out stunning!

i must say that there is a reason why they are not on the market, it is so hard to lathe such a small prayer wheel! and to paint it is even harder!

but, non the less, here it is!
hope you like it!



this is a 50 million Mani mantra Maple wood tabletop prayer wheel that was made for a really great guy from England! it is very beautiful and it turns like a dream! enjoy!


here is a new prayer wheel that was made for a man in the USA, he was not sure which color to have it made in... then he decided to go with the Burgundy. i think he made an excellent choice!

it's a 100 million Mani mantra. Maple wood, long handle prayer wheel. very nice!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Prayer Wheel For H.H. The Dalai Lama

we are so happy to announce that we have the privilege to make and donate a custom hand made 100 million Mani mantra hand held prayer wheel for H.H. The Dalai Lama!
this is the biggest honor we could possibly pray for, we are still in shock that this has come our way...
I have already made the prayer wheel and now it is receiving it's art work work by my wife Ayelet... soon it will be ready and i will upload pictures!

this is quiet amazing! when we started this project, we never imagined that we would go so far in such a short time. we only made 45 prayer wheels and this opportunity came along... how about that!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


we would like to thank all the good people that give us all this positive feedback on our work, it's really heart warming!
we feel very blessed and satisfied to be able to make these prayer wheels, if you shop around on the net, you will only find 3 places that make wooden prayer wheels with microfilm and ball bearings, and we are one of thoes 3... that means something...

again, thank you all!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

having's important!

Prayer wheels are hand made and shipping may take up to one(1) month if they are not in stock.
Ordering early will secure your purchase as orders are filled in as they are recived

thank you for your patiance!

Friday, June 25, 2010

a more artistic prayer wheel..

since my wife is such a talented artist (she dosen't think so), i told her to do some real art work on one prayer wheel, she was a little reluctant, but i told her that if Ican make them to what shape i think, she can do an amazing custom art work on them... she finaly agreed.

and here it is!

art work on one prayer wheel
art work on one prayer wheel

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a custom made prayer wheel for Sogyal Rinpoche

this prayer wheel was custom made for Sogyal Rinpoche. it contains half million "7 line" prayer inside it on microfilm, and the out side mantra is a caligraphy made by Sogyal Rinpoche himself and copied by hand to the wheel it self by my talented wife Ayelet... beautiful...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Order information

Finally, you have a place to order these prayer wheels!

On the right top blog's corner there is a link: "you can order and buy here!" and that will take you to the site from which it is possible to order the wheels. You can find there details for each wheel: size, wood type, color, type and number of Mantras inside.

it took forever, but finally, it is done!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

a compact prayer wheel

this is a 100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel made with a shorter handle. made of maple hard wood finished with rosewood/walnut stain to give it a darker look.. oh, so beautiful..

a compact prayer wheel
a compact prayer wheel

Thursday, May 6, 2010

a new color!

very beautiful... it was a test that came out amazing! for the lovers of the purple color, a 100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel.100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this is a 100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

we made this prayer wheel a long long time ago, and it was waiting to be finished... we have finised it! it is made from Oak wood and it is just a work of art... enjoy!

100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

100 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

Friday, April 16, 2010

small tabletop 10 million Mani mantra prayer wheel

this is one more tabletop prayer wheel we made... Ayelet painted it with her love and talent and it came out so amazing, it was sold immediately!

tabletop prayer wheel
tabletop prayer wheel

Friday, April 9, 2010

50 million mani mantra prayer wheel

this is a smaller prayer wheel suted for women and the younger crowed! it is lighter on the hands and that is why we made it! it comes here before you in a natural Maple wood finish! very nice!

50 million mani mantra prayer wheel

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our first tabletop prayer wheel

this is our first tabletop prayer wheel! it contains 35 million Mani mantras inside. nice!

35 million Mani mantras tabletop tibetan prayer wheel

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a beautiful Mahagony prayer wheel!

this is one of my wife favorites... i love it as well.
it was our first attempt with this wood type, and it came out excellent!

tibetan prayer wheel

tibetan prayer wheel

tibetan prayer wheel

tibetan prayer wheel

tibetan prayer wheel

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer Wheels Studio launched!

got my own studio!!! wooo hooo!!! such great joy!
now i need to have electricity and water instuled and i am on my way to make many prayer wheels!
all that is left is to raise the funds for the lathe and away we go!

such joy...