Tuesday, June 28, 2022

less orders, more time to craft prayer wheels for the shop!

 Dear friends and Sanga,

this month has been a slower one in incoming orders (who knows why) so this is the first time in a long long time that i have spare free time to craft prayer wheels for the shop so customers can just click and buy them instead of ordering them and waiting for them to be crafted.

this opportunity gives us both (me and Ayelet) the creative time we need to craft amazing one of a kind special prayer wheels that we wanted to craft for a long long time, opening up an all new "special series" prayer wheels that are a work of art as well as being a holy tool for liberation and Karma cleaning.

i wish to thank you all for being the most amazing customers in this whole world, giving us a chance to do what we love most and make a small living off of it to support our life and practice.

thank you so much and keep checking in to our shop to see what we have made! hope you like it!

Micha & Ayelet


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