Thursday, August 30, 2018


its been a while again since i wrote something here... there are so many things happening in my life that sometimes things, like this blog get less attention... but, thanks to google i got a notice that said i need to change something in my blog settings and it brought me right back here! to all of you guys! ha!

so, today, let us talk about what has been happening in the past 3 years in my life.
the most important thing of all is that i have been asked to become the agriculture farm manager. that was a big step for me, being that i have little education, this is a big deal for me... to run the WHOLE farm.... but, i accepted and that is where i disappeared to for the last 3 years...

the actual managing of the farm took so much time and mind that it left me with almost no energy to craft prayer wheels....  and that is one of the biggest reasons i stopped writing here as well....

on December 24 i had revelation and my mind cleared on a specific issue... a good friend has passed from cancer, a good friend got the news of cancer and my dear brother got seriously ill with what turned out to be Wilson disease... as i watched all this happen i came to the realization that my time here on earth is short, and that i need to find a better way to serve then to be a farmer.... so i quit my managing job and went part time to be the Olive plantation farmer and part time prayer wheel maker... this has turned out to be a very smart idea! what a better way to spend and enjoy life then to have all this managerial headache!

so, now i have more time which was what i was aiming for... and i can write here more often to tell you what is going on in the prayer wheel crafting :)

lots of love,