Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Tara Mantra Prayer Wheel

This is a special prayer wheel that was made to a kind friend in England. It contanis 10 million Green Tara mantras inside. She has asked for a simple, "clean" prayer wheel so that is what we made for her :-)
I personally like the "naked" prayer wheel such as this one since they are rear... most people like decorations on their prayer wheels, but there is something very "clean" about these..

50 Million Mani Mantra Prayer Wheel

This is my wife's prayer wheel. She has changed about 6 wheels already because every time someone sees her wheel, they want it.
Now she has decided to paint the lotus on the top and bottom cap and the top of the handle to create closure. I like it a lot! It came out amazing! Let's see for how long she will be able to hang on to it :-)

7-Line Prayer Wheel

this work of art is a 7-line prayer wheel i made for my self.

it is one of a kind.

it came out amazing!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi Everyone!

At some point on our journey of making prayer wheels, we have chosen to make a prayer wheel design that would satisfy us and to make them like that from now on.
In the beginning, we tried many different wheel styles, as you can see in our pictures, but that was until we found one that we like and that our customers like as well, and from now on, all of our prayer wheels will be like that.

Hope you all like them as well!