Sunday, June 12, 2022

levitating electromagnetic tabletop prayer wheel number 4


from time to time we get to do something absolutely unbelievable with our hands....

this here is one of those things!

it is a levitating electromagnetic tabletop prayer wheel!

although the space inside this prayer wheel is not very large due to the technicalities of crafting it, we still manage to place a microfilm roll of mantras inside of it. 

usually, this type of microfilm roll can hold about 20 million Mani mantras, but in this case the customer requested 3 different mantras so we had to split it into 3.

this amazing prayer wheel has inside of it 5 million Mani mantras, 1.5 million Medicine Buddha mantras and 250,000 White Tara mantras printed on microfilm.

the base is made from Walnut hardwood and the spinning prayer wheel is made from Maple hardwood and a Walnut top.

it has a beautiful lotus pyrographed on it by Ayelet.

i just love these levitating prayer wheels! there is something so magical about them... the fact that it is floating in space... just blows your mind!

this one is the 4th we have made so far and i want to make some more in the future, but i want  to change something in its design.

since the height it levitates off the base is reduced by weight, in this example the Maple hardwood is very heavy, i wish to switch things around next time...

to make the base from Maple hardwood and the spinning prayer wheel from African Walnut which is a very textured wood but light in weight... this will give the prayer wheel a better height off the base and will look even more amazing! 

African Walnut is beautiful on its own and no artwork is needed on it... actually, since the base will be made from Maple, maybe i will ask Ayelet to do some crazy artwork on the base!

we shell see....

this particular prayer wheel was ordered as a gift to a Tibetan master living in California by one of his students, hope he loves it!

thank you all for tuning in


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