Sunday, March 13, 2022

fantastic news! and silly me, forgot to tell ya'll



so, it has been pointed out to me that my last post (a year ago) said that we are closing shop.... 

well, the day that post came out, we got bombarded with prayer wheel orders!

a few weeks later i got a job in the factory here in our community and i worked there every day for 4 hours, in the position of the assistant manager of the CNC dept, producing fantastic products for John Deere, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Tesla and many more... so, i got some income coming  in and i still had time to craft in the studio.... but, karma being karma, soon enough there were so many prayer wheel orders i could not keep the factory job! 

so, after about 8 months working there i had to quit that and say millions of thank you's to the factory CEO for allowing me this opportunity!

you know, in this crazy world i live in so many digital realities it is hard to remember to keep them all up dated... this blog is one of many platforms so i am truly sorry if i messed up someone's mind thinking we were not making prayer wheels any more....

we are!


but also not for long.... something else came up and we might be closing shop.

but that is for another post, when things become clearer... no point i messing with your minds again!

till then (be it when it may) we are taking orders and still making amazing and beautiful prayer wheels to share with the world who needs it now more than ever... 

crazy crazy times we live in


love y'all so much!!

Micha Strauss