Wednesday, November 8, 2023

War diery 2023

 it has been a month now since they came in and slaughtered us in our homes.


OK, I feel like I need to clarify some things for the folks who are not citizens of Israel and who are not Jewish in nature.

I hear a lot of: "what you are doing is Genocide to the Palestinians"

OK. Let us understand what Genocide is, this is what it means:

the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

So, what you see here is actually the exact opposite. It is us who they killed in a large number because of our ethnic group so basically, according to the dictionary it is them who practice Genocide on us the Jews! not the other way around!

We, on our hand do not want to kill Palestinians at all! We want them to thrive! We have done ALL we could have done to help them! We left Gaza and gave it to the Palestinian people back in 2005!!! They could have had an empire there by now!!

But no.

They are performing Genocide on us! Firing rockets at us because we are Jews for almost 20 years!!!! on innocent civilian population!!! what do you call that???


Let us move to the next chapter: "you are killing the innocent! You are killing babies!"

OK. This means that you do not understand WHO our enemy is!

It is Hamas who is our enemy, not the Palestinian people. But Hamas is using the innocent Palestinians as human shields! When we tell the Palestinian people to evacuate EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!, it is Hamas who prevents them from leaving!!!

It is the Hamas who is killing the innocent!!!! Not us! Why can’t anybody understand that?!?!


Next chapter: "you are an apartheid nation. You have an apartheid approach to the Arabs"

This is just insane.
We have more than 2 million Israeli Arabs living IN ISRAEL as equals to us in every possibly way!

They have every right we have as civilians of a country, as Israeli civilians! We are an apartheid nation? What the fuck are you talking about???? I have SO many Arab friends! They see me as their brother and I see them the same way! If you could only sit and talk with one of my many Arab friends, you would hear the real story. You would hear how the Israeli Arabs who live here among us speak of the Palestinian people! Then you might understand what is going on here…


Next chapter: "you are concurring land that does not belong to you"

How will I make you understand who this land belongs to?

Let's try an experiment.

If you go to, let's say America and you dig up archeology, in what language is that? In English? Or whoever the indigenous people who lived there BEFORE the Americans decided to claim that land?

Well, when you find archeology artifacts in Israel, in what language do you think it is?

Let me help you. It is ALWAYS in Hebrew or Aramaic. Both languages that were spoken by our people, never used by Arabs.

Let me give you another example, there is an archeological finding in Gaza itself… a mosaic was found in Gaza of a synagogue from 500 years after Christ, which is about 110 years before anyone ever heard the term "Islam" even spoken once... it did not exist…

Do you understand now?


We want nothing but the best for the Palestinian people. We have ALWAYS done everything in our power to help them…we want peace with them!

But they choose to have a terrorist group of fanatics to sell them a concept that has absolutely no future, that the Jews will leave their land… this will not happen. Not now, not ever. You may try and pry this land from our cold dead hands after you kill us all, but make sure that you kill us all because if you leave some of us alive, we will claim our land back. and we will.


What else do you have to throw at me?

We are preforming a Genocide? No. they are, on us.

We are an apartheid nation who rob the Arabs of their rights? No. the Arabs have same rights as Jews.

We are conquerors of land that is not ours. Not true. This land was always Jewish forever and who ever tried to take it from us, we eventually took it back by war that we won.
This is documented in all of history. 

One last question I have for you all:
in all the years that has passed since we left Gaza and gave it back to the Palestinian people, where did they go to work?
In Egypt?
in Israel!

We have given them work for many many years in our country, ISRAEL! And they choose to come here to work! Not anywhere else! Not in Egypt (who will not have anything to do with these people. Not now, and not ever in history) not in Jordan, they work in Israel!!! Do you understand??

What the fuck are you all screaming about out there???

From the river to the sea, Palestine would be free? that is just plain straight up Jew hate. own up to that.

You have no idea what you are talking about…
this shit is just crazy…


One last thing for you all that I must say.

When we fight, we fight a war. We fight a war by war's law.

We do not behead their babies

We do not rape their women

We do not dismember their wounded

We do not desecrate the dead bodies by raping them and burning them

We do not burn them alive

We do not torture them


We do not do any of that.


That is what they did to us. and would do again if had a chance to.


You need to get your story straight.


Until then, sit down, shut up and look at what is happening in YOUR own country. There is hate growing there that you will face up to one day, and that hate will not be targeting Jews. No. it will target you. The infidels according to them.

all of you.


Here is a photo of the Mosaic that was found in Gaza in an old synagogue. 

I leave it to you to make some sense of it all in your own heads.


 stay tuned

Sunday, November 5, 2023

War diary 2023

Day 29


I wish to share with you all about the 180 degrees turn I (and all of us here in Israel) went through since the black sabbath of the 7th of October.

Most of my adult life I have lived here, in Israel. I do not count the days of being a young boy or a teenager or even a soldier. I count my adult life since about the age of 27 because that was the age I came back to live in Israel, back to my home, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet.

As a Buddhist for the past 23 years, I have a very loving kindness view on life. I realized through personal experience that life is very short and nothing can be taken at death. What makes most (if not all) of our pursuit after things totally useless and silly… if you understand the impermanence of things and stuff, you are free. You will never chase these once you see the uselessness of it all.

What has value then you ask? What is the point of this life?

Well, I am no master so I will only give you here my little point of view.

I have found that the best thing for me is to be kind. To learn how to love. How to love in the face of horrific experience and in the best of times… how to love without a cause.

I have also learned to see life in a kind view. To do my very best to be kind that is… this is something that does not come so easy for most of us… but it has tremendous value if achieved.

I am not perfect. I know that. I try to become better with each passing moment but not always successful…

In my life since the age of 27 when I first found Buddhism, I wanted to have peace with our neighbors. I wanted them to share this view with me as did all the left-wing people here in Israel. It always looked like such a waist of time and money to build all these bombs and missiles and fighter jets and atomic weapons… why waste so much time and money on something that is clearly not useful to us? (pre 7th of October thinking)

I must say that for many years I vocalized my opinions in this matter only to find people tell me that we need this. We need weapons against our enemy. We need them so we can survive.

I did not agree because (I now understand) I did not read the map clearly.

So, it turns out that "they" (our neighbors) did not want any peace with us at all!

What does it matter if you want something that needs a partner, but your partner has the exact opposite opinion from you?!

We want peace

They want war and death.

How do you move forward from here?

I lived all these years in a delusion that peace can be achieved with our neighbors.

Such grand delusions….

So far from the actual truth of things…


Turns out that we had a dream.

It ended.


grateful and happy that we have all these bombs and missiles!!!!! Thank you Israel's IDF for putting all that time and effort to build these tools of destruction! For now, you save my life with them! I am so proud of my people for inventing these weapons, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud… I have no way to explain how proud I am of my people… my peeps…

The second 180 degrees turn I experienced is the following:

If you asked me a month ago where I want to live, I would answer "anywhere but here in Israel"

I hated living here.

Turns out that Jews, if left unchecked and free will try to kill each other.

Just one day before this war started this land, these people, were so divided, they almost started a civil war between them! The left and the right. Both fighting and one crime minister leading them all! It was the biggest shit show I have ever seen!

Only lies, only corruption, and only division…. This was the reality of the Jewish Israeli folk up to the 7th of October.

It all changed in a second.

Now, try and kill us, we unite!

If you (the enemy) thought that you can use this division to your advantage, you were right. and you tried.

But you forgot one very crucial point…

We unite under pressure!!

Like no one else!!

You will not find this behavior anywhere in the world… that is what makes us, the Jews so special... forget the 212 Noble prizes in science we won… 

We are strong like we never were before…


Back in 1939 in Europe, when the hate for Jews started to take form and explode, the Jews thought that it will pass… it did not. 

They did not read the map clearly…

6 million of us were slaughtered in the most horrific way possible.

My own dad and his parents went through it and survived.

The only difference between 1939 and 2023 is that today, the Jews have a land. A country. An army… 

try to kill us now and see what happens!

 I find myself defending our situation to people who talk shit to me (you know who you are) and hitting me with the most uninformed information that could possibly be spewed out by Jew haters… no actual truth, just emotions exploding out in the most stupid and harsh words that can be used… 

nothing true, just lies that are being told about us in the world media...

That is OK.

I do not defend myself anymore and I do not have the need to explain myself or the actions of our county and army.

You have opinions.
we are fighting for our lives…

If you want to educate yourself about the truth, ask us. The ones who live here, serve in our military, who have a huge number of Arab friends!!

Who are you to tell me how to behave? Shame on you.

As the famous saying goes:

"Slaughter me once shame on you. Slaughter me twice, shut the fuck up while I defend myself"


Stay tuned