Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thank You All :-)

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend about our prayer wheel project and we got into a deep and meaningful conversation about the whole thing called Prayer Wheel.
He was amazed to hear about the benefits of this holy object and the benefits of constructing them.
He asked me how many we have made over the 3.5 years of our project and I said about 200. He also wanted to know if we made such wheels and sent them to teachers and I counted the list for him, he was quiet amazed! And I must say that so was I! When I got to think about all those prayer wheels turning in the hands of all those masters and people I was overwhelmed…
So, I wish to thank ALL the good people who chose to have one of our prayer wheels, thank you for performing the task of praying for all beings, through all of you many blessings come into existence for the sake of all beings.
Thank you so much, and may there be many more prayer wheels to come!
Your friend,
Micha Strauss

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