Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi everyone!

after attending the retreat led by Garchen Rinpoche, we have spoken to his translator for a while and noticed the small and beautifully made prayer wheel which she was holding and spinning the entire time she was translating... after careful examination of the prayer wheel and listening to her telling us of it's pro's and con's, we took it all in... Then another woman from the audience came to tell her that she loved her translation and also asked to see the prayer wheel she was holding in her hand... it then came to us that we need to have a small, very simple, light weight prayer wheel that would be easier to hold for long periods of time...
And here it is!
A 10 million Mani mantra prayer wheel, nothing on it, no crystal on the top... very clean and simple :-)
I have asked my wife to make me a very "artistic" one for my self and she said OK... once that one is made I will have it photographed and post it here :-)


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